Some Reading and Listening

When I started running and training for triathlons I started listening to audio books. Here are a few books I’ve read and listened to recently. I typically listen to audio versions of books while running, though I also like to get the hard copy of the book to read at night. Many of these books have been both read and listened to, some only read, some only listened to. I only listen to unabridged versions, and refer to books I’m listening to as books I am ‘reading’, since in my mind these have become the same, only the listening takes longer, but can be accomplished while doing other things, like the dishes or exercising. My ratings are 1-5, 1 indicating a book I wouldn’t read again, 5 being one that I would recommend to everyone and the rest a fairly inconsistent, nonlinear mapping of my response to the book. I tend to like most books I read, your mileage may vary. If you have read any of these and disagree with my nonlinear, arbitrary rating, I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts. I tend to discuss books, more than write about them, so I have not put any form of review, other than a few cursory reactions, if any. If you have a book to recommend, I’m always looking for the next great read – drop me a note.

Epic Fiction: Must-reads.

Strategy, Economics and Innovation:

Non Fiction:

Good General Fiction:

General Fiction: